Monday, 18 January 2016

'Getting to know Me, Getting to know all about Me'

             50 Random Facts About Me....

I thought I'd kick off this blogpost by giving you all a little insight into my random life and do the 50 Random Facts About Me tag.

It was harder than I thought, having to think of 50 Good facts that will sound interesting.

Well here goes. Let me know what you all think...

  1. I'm 28 years old.
  2. My favourite colour is monochrome (I hope that counts a colour)
  3. I have a fear of spiders...even the money spiders.
  4. I have 3 fur babies.. A Chihuahua called Daisy and 2 cats called Coco and Millie
  5. I love Disney
  6. My favourite Disney movie is Flushed Away
  7. I went to the cinema to watch Frozen at the age of 26
  8. I have 2 brothers aged 21 and 12
  9. I'm the nosiest person ever
  10. I love reality shows
  11. I want to go to New York by the time I'm 30 thanks to Friends and Sex and the City
  12. I have brown hair
  13. I have brown eyes
  14. I'm very superstitious
  15. I'm following the Exante Diet
  16. I love to sing but I don't think singing loves me too much
  17. my favourite perfume is Alien by Theirry Mulger
  18. I have 7 tattoos
  19. I love 'Murder she Wrote'
  20. My favourite girls name is Harper and my favourite boys name is Dylan
  21. I'm going to see Michael Bolton in concert this year
  22. My star sign is Capricorn
  23. I'm a shy person
  24. When I was 6, I fell off a 12ft wall and cut my chin open..i still have the scar
  25. The first concert I ever went to was West life
  26. I'm addicted to shopping
  27. My favourite shops are Primark and New look
  28. I cant drive
  29. When I was little I wanted to be a teacher or a Post office Lady.
  30. I have PCOS (Poly cystic Ovarian Syndrome)
  31. I don't exercise...I really should
  32. I have the biggest crush on Ross Kemp
  33. I'm a procrastinator
  34. My favourite food is Indian
  35. I love lists, I'm quite obsessive about them.
  36. Ive moved house 6 times in 10 years
  37. I'm stubborn
  38. I'm engaged to the man of my dreams
  39. I'm my own worst critic
  40. I'm a righty
  41. I hate my frizzy hair
  42. When I was little I had a black doll that I named Shirley Bassey, I still have her now.
  43. My favourite chocolate is Lindt
  44. I'm a massive Rugby fan
  45. I'm very impulsive
  46. I change my mind a lot
  47. I was bullied all the way through school which I think has affected how I interact with people and made me very weary of peoples intentions
  48. My 12 year old brother is Autistic
  49. I'm very sentimental
  50. My favourite flowers are Gerberas and Peonies

So there you have it, My 50 random facts about me .
It was a lot harder than I thought.
Please share some of yours, I'd love to red them.
See you in my next blogpost.

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                                  Lots of love


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  1. I loved reading your facts :) I have PCOS too, I keep thinking I'll do a 50 facts post but I don't know if I'll find 50 things that are very interesting about me to share ha ha :) great post xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo