Friday, 15 January 2016

New Beginnings!!

Welcome to MissCapricorn88!

What better way to kick of 2016 than to start my very own blog.

I'm super excited to start this and launch the birth of MissCapricorn88.

For so long, I've wanted to start a blog but never had the confidence to do it. I've followed so many bloggers through their blogs and their YouTube channels but have never been able to push myself enough....UNTIL NOW!!!

I hope you follow me on this journey as I document everything that I'm passionate about (which is a lot)

I'm not promising amazing, technical and professional blogs but what I will promise you is that I'm gonna give it go and finally follow my dream of becoming a blogger!!!

If any of you lovely people have any tips or advice for this newbie, I would love to hear from you.

I hope you love reading my blog as much as I love writing it.

Any requests, please leave me a comment or an email or follow me over on twitter under my username @misscapricorn88.

So here's me signing off my very first post of 2016....It feels so surreal saying that..

I'll speak to you in my next one!!!!

Lots of Love


1 comment:

  1. Hello fellow blogging / vlogging newbie here also. My name is Caz I'm 27 and I'm from Bristol and mummy to 2 boys ages 5 and 2 😊 X