Sunday, 24 January 2016

LUSH Bathbomb Review!!

Cyanide Pill Bath Bomb!!

This Gorgeous looking bathbomb is highly known for its very distictive 'Almond' scent.
The Cyanide Pill also shares its scent with the volume 3 perfume which is equally as nice.

What I love about this bath bomb is, it is exactly what it says it is..

It is slightly smaller than your average bath bomb weighing in at 125g but dont let that fool you. 
You get just as much effect in the bath as all the rest and the smell is equally as strong as that of a full sized bath bomb which weighs in at between 180g - 200g.

The Cyanide Pill bath bomb is made up of lemon, cedarwood, almond oil and rosewood.

I would definatly give this one a go, even if its just to see how bright your bath gets. The scent is amazing and so relaxing. 

I would rate this bath bomb a 8 out 10.

I hope you enjoyed this review. 
Stay tuned for more lush reviews coming very soon.
Any requests please leave me a comment and will happily do my best.

Love you guys

Lots of love
Miss Capricorn88

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